Sunday, December 16, 2012

le cochon est content

We're very happy indeed to have Cafe Fina up the road in Eldorado - even if I'm far too wired about house buying and selling to have been able to do anything other than gnaw absent-mindedly on a few chipotle shrimp.  When you place your order, they give you a little card in a holder to stick on your table as you wait (and gaze outside at the snowy landscape).  

I will be very glad when all this real estate frenzy dies down.  Apparently there were over 100 people at our Open House today - we already have four offers in - and - a new phenomena to me - love letters.  Love letters to us and the house, that is - from potential buyers imploring us to take their offer.  Indeed (because we're in a bidding war on another property), we even wrote one ourselves, today.  I guess it's impossible to be original in this genre, but ever since we sent it off, I keep thinking of more original openings and narratives.  No way can we trump, I fear, the pull-on-the-heart-strings language of "wanting to bring up our family in your lovely home" that we're convinced will make other buyers irresistible.  "Ever since we walked through the front door, we were planning where we would put the kitty litter box" just isn't, somehow, a phrase that seemed sensible to use.

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