Tuesday, December 11, 2012

staging the back

Actually, it looked even better by the time the first punters rolled up on the dot of 11, since I'd swapped round the rather puny plant on the left with a large bushy fern.  The Conversation Pit has never looked so good.  I just hope that the raccoons don't have a beery party in it tonight.  I was deeply dismayed when I went out on the deck this morning and it was covered in large muddy raccoon paw prints.  Of course, I hoped against hope that someone would roll up with $50,000 over the asking price in faintly used bank notes.  Instead of which (according to the realtors), they thought the house was dark; that their cars wouldn't fit in the garage; that there wasn't a patch of grass outside for their cats to enjoy.  Well, yes, I guess ... But what cat wouldn't love these seats?

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