Monday, December 31, 2012

the end of 2012

Here's the ritualistic post: the end of the year sunset.  Four years, now - or rather, four years tomorrow - of a daily image and sentence or paragraph or two.  There are days when I'm completely exhausted; when I should be doing other things; where the act of finding something to photograph just seems like one task too many; when I clearly have Nothing To Say (or, much more frequently, when what I do have to say is not suitable for mass consumption - this is not a blog about the trials of chairing a department).  One more year?  Can I do one more year?  There are always those evenings in which I swear blind that I will never, ever, carry this on after this year ... but then I look back over past entries, and I'm immensely grateful not just for their journal-esque quality, but also for the sheer fact of a daily task, or practice, that takes me beyond my immediate preoccupations.

So - thank you 2012: it was a good year.  A sad farewell to Emmett and Lola, but a rapturous welcome to Moth and Walter Gomez.  Lots of travel.  And now - the possibility, even the likelihood, of a new house within the next few weeks ...

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

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