Wednesday, December 12, 2012

season's greetings

Yes, this is a huge, university-specific gingerbread house.  How can I respond to working in this country - or perhaps, and more specifically, in Los Angeles - with anything other than ethnographic incredulity? O.K., yes, of course, I could produce all sorts of other analyses, but that would not be in keeping with the festive spirit that sent me trotting along to the Holiday Party to see Alice receive one of the General Education teaching awards (a certificate! In a frame! with a check!).  And then we went out to dinner to celebrate, to the kind of place where one can confidently say to one's waitperson  ... "You know ... I'd like a vodka based cocktail ... something citrusy ... and peppery" ... and get something back involving not just vodka, but grapefruit and honey and serrano chile - which went extremely well with LA's obligatory kale salad ...

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