Sunday, December 2, 2012

behind glass

Behind glass, dimly.  This is a kind of foliage panel/decoration in the small but perfectly formed yard at Jin's Patisserie, on Abbot Kinney, in Venice CA - a Japanese-ish tea room and tiny restaurant (actually, the woman who runs it is from Singapore).  Alice comes and buys tea here whenever we're in the area; I ogle the macaroons.  Today - I actually bought four: tiny, delicate little macaroons, the diameter of a half-crown piece (yes, I know they stopped being legal tender in 1970.  But.  Still).  What prompted this?  The shock of discovering that they're moving - but they know not where ...  Who knows if I'll ever get another chance ... We shared two at dinner: one expresso flavored; the other, quite amazingly, jasmine.

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