Sunday, December 23, 2012


A Flint family party in Godalming, Surrey, minus my parents, who didn't feel quite well enough to be there (understandable, I guess, since it was an exhausting, if wonderful, crew, and both my parents currently tire easily).  Here's my aunt Nancy, and my - what are they, exactly?  Second cousins? Hannah and Alex, my cousin Jon's children.  It was, in the very best sense of the word, a very English party (imagine! Alice had her first ever sausage roll! and there were mince pies, and a Yule log).  And here were we, the semi-exotic semi-Californian branch, which all had the effect of making me feel culturally very - well, dissipated.  Or maybe disseminated.  I have a feeling that I invited all kinds of different people to stay in what I hope will be our new house - the good thing being that it'll be a house large enough for us to be happy when they actually show up ...

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