Thursday, May 23, 2013

a stop sign

It's a very emphatic stop sign, and very pointed, too, after its annotation.  Situated at the exit to Whole Foods in Santa Fe, one wonders how many packets of ground buffalo meat or pork tenderloin are jettisoned after seeing this ... 

I am sensitive to stop signs: I knew that little camera that flashed at me in Culver City a few weeks wasn't a good omen, and though I hoped that my out of state NM plates would save me (though why, I can't imagine), there, true enough, in the mailbox, was the summons; the chance of taking driver's ed to banish my points, etc etc.  And I very nearly stopped in time ... I'm a very law-abiding driver ... But there - evidence! - are the photos, in sharp crisp detail, including me, looking determined and hatchet-faced, jumping the just-turned-red light, and the CATS AGAINST ROMNEY sticker still on the back bumper.  Come to think of it, maybe that hardened their resolve to prosecute the grim-loooking woman behind the wheel.

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