Thursday, May 9, 2013

keyed in

Ah, if only I were giving a keynote here in Ann Arbor, how apt this would be ... it's a display - an installation might be even more apt, since it's wonderfully surreal - celebrating 100 years of this key and lock store.  Almost impossible to take a decent picture in the dull evening light - and I wish those recycling bins weren't there, either - certainly hard, through grubby glass, to convey the magnitude of all those dated keys, which are heaped on the floor, encased in plastic, hung on strings.  What I don't quite understand is how the store comes to have so many of them - don't other people's keys end up where mine do, in ugly little clumps at the back of the kitchen drawer, fitting nothing in living memory?  It never occurs to me to take them round to a key store, in case they'll come in useful for a centenary ...

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