Friday, May 31, 2013

out of season

Thank goodness, it's very out of season around here.  So how best to convey that?  If I photograph a deserted beach, it'll just look as though I've shuffled around and tiled the camera so as to avoid the people who are, on occasion, lying in fully-dressed huddles on the down wind side of rocky outcrops (such people are, invariably, British, and if I look too closely I'll probably see the thermoses and sandy sardine sandwiches of my picnicking youth).  But here are the stacked up deck chairs!

and here are the rusting, waterlogged pedalos,

and here is some of the most magnificent kitsch I've ever seen, waiting for the truly, truly rich to return. Unsurprisingly there were no cool weather clothes (other than fur coats) in the shops of relatively nearby Porto Cervo - which felt like an upmarket shopping mall in California - terrible! - all Prada and Gucci, and not even with an especially attractive view.

Ah, but - just a little way down the coast, it's truly beautiful.  I'm so grateful for out of season-ness - at least there are places to park.

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