Sunday, May 12, 2013


All things considered, it's probably a very good job that I don't live anywhere near Ann Arbor: if this is what's on offer when one goes to buy some breakfast at Zingermans, I'd soon turn into a roly-poly.  

Only - if one did actually live there, how often would one drop by?  That's the great thing about visiting a campus/town when one's just there for a conference - one (over) indulges/enjoys the local offerings, and lives some kind of a fantasy about What Life Would be Like If ...  Whereas I lived eighteen months within ten minutes walk of Intelligentsia, in Silver Lake, and actually went for coffee there - oh, five or six times.  Not that I don't like it (not that its scallion and feta scones aren't easily a match for the cheddar and herb ones above - for I am a savory, rather than a sweet, indulgence person) - it's just that a combination of proximity and a vague attempt not to eat unhealthily kick in.  Now that I'm no longer an easy stroll from its overcrowded doors, do I miss these possibilities?  Not really.  But if I were in Silver Lake for a conference?  Oh my - I'd be beating down its doors ...

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