Thursday, May 30, 2013

il giorno del "Si"

is only, in today's Italy, to be for straight couples; and at this end of Sardinia, away from the coast, one can quite see why that may be the case.  It's a strange part of the world, part opulence (and that's in high summer, which, with today's freezing gales, it most certainly isn't); part rural tradition (think Padre Padrone, and all those sheep - Pecorino Sardo has to come from somewhere.  And, now I think back to one of my very favorite movies, I shouldn't have been surprised by the wind).

The sea really is this color - makes our local Pacific look very grey and polluted - and it's guarded over by the BVM.  All of this is Santa Teresa Gallura, a very sweet small town (probably hell on earth in high season), which reminded me of somewhere in mid Wales in the 1960s.

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