Saturday, May 25, 2013

a wet Bologna night

Here's the view from outside my hotel in Bologna - on a very wet evening, with a merciless late May temperature in the mid 40s: everyone in the restaurant where I ate dinner was coming in with their big puffy jackets, and scarves and hats.  Needless to say I am rather short on the thick winter jackets.  I can't remember quite why I've come to Bologna for two nights - something, obviously, to do with flight times and costs from NM.  But also I had a sense that I wanted to reclaim the place - I was last here on my own in, I think, 1975, and it was the one place that I didn't care for in Italy, and where I was harassed and bottom-pinched, and where I came to the conclusion that Enough Was Enough, and headed off to southern Germany on my inter rail pass instead.   I doubt that I'll have my bottom pinched this time around.  And the Art Hotel Novecento is a huge, huge, huge improvement on Bologna Youth Hostel.  The weather, however, had better make a decided shift for the better, tomorrow, before I let this city into my good graces.

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