Monday, May 6, 2013

animal transport

Somehow, I want to use this image to launch my comments about The State of The Field at NAVSA in June... you might well ask how, but I have my ideas ...  It comes from a pop-up book from 1895 called The Robins at Home, published in Britain but printed in Bavaria (as this kind of pop up book tended to be).  There are three other illustrations like this, but this is my favorite (one on-line bookseller hypothesizes that it's an unattributed Louis Wain, which I admit it could be).  I was completely captivated by it when I was little.  The caption in it suggests that it was given to my Auntie Ethel for Christmas 1896 (I think that she was the person who gave me cheese biscuits from a corner cupboard in Ossett, in West Yorkshire, five decades or so ago), who presumably gave it to my mother ...

I just love those two kitties riding a tandem.

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