Thursday, October 31, 2013

a quiet halloween

I do enjoy dressing up the house for Halloween ... this year there are lanterns in the trees, a ragged grey spider's web hanging from the front railings, a werewolf (complete with flashing eyes and a howl, if you press his little battery-powered button) suspended from the front gate; two skeletal flamingoes (I'm rather proud of them) in a flowerbed by the railings, and three small crows perched around the door knocker.  This is all, of course, entirely self-indulgent.  We had precisely two groups of two small dressed up people come and take away very small pieces of candy ... there are, it should be said, very few children round about, and no one with children knows us, so we may register - if we register on anyone's radar at all - as a pair of very suspicious witches.

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