Monday, October 28, 2013

portrait day!

I always love the class in which we talk about portrait photography and its history, and about how one might take a self-portrait or pose for an effective portrait - and then I send the students off to put this into practice.  Thank goodness today no one took off their clothes to go for a swim in the fountain ... instead of which (it was chilly, even rainy) clothes today became props ... here's Hannah, a pre-med from NJ, who's in the Viterbi School of Engineering.  And she was talking about how some student in the Viterbi has put up representative undergraduate profiles - she's one of them - and how the photos illustrating these profiles have been photoshopped out of all recognition, to make them look super-glamorous.  And on clicking on her profile, I found her own blog about being a student at USC, complete with a trip to LACMA this last weekend to look at photography with two of the other members in the class, and another piece about how the Writing and Photography class is her favorite ... mind you, that was written a whole month ago ... :-) ... but that was a surprise that made me very happy ...

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