Monday, October 21, 2013

seasonal silhouette

I'm sorry - no bobcat today.  I did go out looking for tracks, and found maybe a couple of pawmarks, and a definite lump of bobcat shit (of uncertain age), but no sign of B.  We call him B, since all the Griffith Park bobcats who have ever been trapped and tagged - and he certainly has - carry a number - his front leg markings look a little like B253's, but B253 seems usually to live way over the other side, by Zoo Drive.  So he - if he's a he - is B.  But the annual appearance of trumpet tree flowers always seem like a kind of magic, too - apricot yellow, and smelling wonderful in the evening sky (here, obviously, with some spooky magic done to bring out the color and contours, because it was pretty dark by the time that I was outside ...).

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