Sunday, October 20, 2013

our new neighbor

Alice saw him first - a very handsome, fit, sleek larger than domestic cat walking through our backyard around 10.50 this morning.  I've been aware for a week or so that Something was out back - some strange scratching marks in the ground, a little dump of what looked like Large Kitty Shit, and then yesterday, a complete zoo of big paw marks, cloven hoof marks (a young deer?), rabbit tracks, and so on.  I presume that at least one of the latter two is no more.

This B cat walked right into the paved bit of our back yard - at which point, he saw us watching him, and turned round and jumped up into the shrubs on the hill to our left.  He had two yellow ear tags, which means that he should be identifiable to the people who study B cats - and indeed the mountain lion, P22 - in Griffith Park (I sent off a copy of the picture to them).  I'm so excited, and privileged, to have see a B cat this close (and yes, a house sitter in Santa Fe around eighteen months ago saw one in our back yard there, so we do, indeed, live in B cat land in both places ...).  I just wish that I'd held the camera a bit more steady in my excitement ...

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