Wednesday, October 30, 2013

walking in circles

We have a large and comfortable guest room bed, made up and waiting for - well, guests.  But clearly someone has got here first.  Why do I have the impression that a cat has been walking round and round, prior to settling down for a snooze?


  1. There was a brief moment when Maddy was about 2 years old when I was so happy that I had broken her of sneaking up on the bed with me. Then one day, spying the dirty bed cover in the guest room, I realized that Mads had discovered the guest room and has assumed the role of my roommate complete with her own room and bed! A new (higher) bed frame and a series of large object placed on top of the new bed (clothes drying rack, electrical fan, books, etc. ) preventing canine access broke her of the habit. Now she imagines that it is her room - but there are bunk beds - she has lower bunk and guests have the upper level (and actual bed).

  2. Ah, Maddy ... this further confirms my long-held suspicion that she should be asked to pay her full share of the household bills ...