Saturday, July 26, 2014

lots of happy hugs (at Bread Loaf Santa Fe graduation)

It's always very bitter sweet when the summer comes to an end - I feel so excited and proud for our graduates, but it's also very hard to say good bye, or at the very least au revoir, to a group of good friends.  But it's also extremely moving to be a part of a celebration that manages to combine much enthusiasm for teaching and education, and also, each year in Bread Loaf New Mexico, is about acknowledging the spirit of place.  And this year, the lessons of p-funk, too.

Above, a pile of certificates waiting to be given out, with celebratory - celebratory what shall we call them?  Garlands, maybe, of braided thick twine, with ribbons in them.  And here's Cheryl Glenn, looking atypically solemn and concerned (and less atypically, distinguished) before we're about to process down.  

Some faculty - first, Simon Ortiz;

Bruce Smith;

Carol MacVey and Patricia Powell;

Carol, solo (Patricia's eyes were closed in that one ...);

and now some hooding;

and garlanding;

and lots of very happy hugs.  Clearly, I was sitting behind the activity ...

... and I could go on: so excellent seeing so many happy people ...

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