Friday, July 25, 2014

window tiles

I hadn't been to Artesenos since they moved to a store just off Cerrillos - the place to buy Talavera tiles and tin stuff and and and all kind of great imports (apparently Jane Fonda got a lot of the fittings for her Pecos ranch - now for sale - there).  So this was the first time that I saw the stained glass in the style of tiles windows in their entrance ... I had a great browse, trying to put together nine tiles into a pattern to make - well, that part of it didn't quite work out, but at $2 each, that won't break the bank.  And even if there isn't going to be a tiled table top by tomorrow (resuscitating an old metal table frame), at least I sufficiently sanded a piece of wood (today's triumph - rounded corners!) that has now been glued in place to fit the gappy top.  There is something very satisfying about working with wood, perhaps because it bears no resemblance or relation to grading or report writing.

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