Monday, July 14, 2014

the hesketh hike [for July 13]

This summer is clearly the summer of hunting down youthful haunts ... here's the house in which Alice grew up, in Chevy Chase, on Hesketh Street.  I'd been there once before - a gentle stroll from Chevy Chase metro stop.  Yesterday, after lunch - and before entering into an endless travel saga - I walked south from Bethesda down a pretty woodland trail (in constant danger of being mowed down by cyclists or very determined runners); stopped to consult my iPhone map, and realized I was only a short distance away from the Formative Environment.  That, at any rate, was what the map suggested: I didn't check the scale, and twenty five minutes (and quite a steep hill later, and the temperature was 95), I dragged my very sweaty and probably crazy looking self along the right street.  It was hard to hang around taking photos - there was a limo waiting, engine running, next door - so I quickly left to walk back again - not by such a circuitous route, but it was certainly a serious couple of hours walking ...

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