Monday, July 21, 2014

ophelia selfie

Well you may ask ... Penultimate class today, on Photography, the World, and the Internet, and once the presenters had taken us through the serious stuff, like twitter images of the downed airliner, it was on to selfies ... and they sent us off, of course, to take a selfie and send it to them with a tag (in a very small time span).  So back to the fishpond for me, given that Ophelia had figured in various ways earlier in the course (Bellocq, Tom Hunter), and that, well, fish have been featuring in my photographic consciousness.  I look more suntanned than wan and drowning, but then, my attempt using a different filter, even if pallid, makes me look as though I'm heading off to a nunnery to try and seduce all the nuns.

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