Wednesday, July 9, 2014

the photograph I couldn't take

... was the other side of the road from this, about four hundred yards earlier: the clouds, the thin sheets of rain, and above all the light falling on the landscape were a dead ringer for Laura Gilpin's amazing photo of a storm over La Bajada.  Only she took this in 1946, when I-25 didn't exist; when she could presumably pull over, and stop, and get out of the car, and wasn't driving at 75 miles an hour.  All I could do was pick up my camera and point it hopefully in the other direction (by this stage there was a cutting in the way of the real view), and click blindly, whilst keeping my eyes firmly on the road (I promise).  I guess Gilpin wasn't hampered by a grubby windshield, either - but that was soon cleaned when I hit the storm itself, heading into Albuquerque.  These skies never disappoint.

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