Monday, June 29, 2015

an itching palm

I'm never too sure whether or not superstitions travel well from one country to another - even transatlantically.  My right palm itched this morning.  I was always told - my mother was a great source of superstition - that this meant that I'd soon be getting some money - provided that I rubbed it on wood.  Which I dutifully did (I'm hopeful for a long-overdue honorarium, for a start).  Then I checked it on line, and found that here, although an itching right palm means Money, if you rub it, then you're rubbing the money away.  On the other hand, an itching left palm (much easier to photograph, if you're right handed, of course) apparently means that you're going to lose money (so I didn't post a picture of that.  Anyway, it wasn't itching.  By the same token, finding a tiny tiny red spider - a money spider - on you meant that money would turn up soon; and you could encourage money to come your way if you turned over a silver coin in your pocket if there was a new moon - so long as you didn't see it first through glass.  Does that translate to the US, or not?

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