Thursday, June 18, 2015

cheese, London

Who knew?  Outside Kings Cross there was a food market this evening - cheeses, and cakes, and variegated pastries and pasties and other goodies.  Unfortunately I had a suitcase in tow, and was gingerly carrying a bag and backpack as well (wet plate collodion glass; camera, etc.)  And it was heavy.  And I was hot (the temperature no longer belonged to chilly Lincoln) - so I didn't buy anything.  But what an opportunity - what a great situation - and there are plans afoot, I gather, to open more open air food markets all over London.  So even if farmers' markets in the sense of fresh produce are not all over the place, LA style, these are a wonderful innovation (I've been to the one by the Southbank complex before - but that's not as regularly handy as this ...).

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