Monday, June 1, 2015

lamp base, repurposed

All that repurposing in Cuban art ... here's some repurposing of my own.  We took in a couple of desk lamps to be repaired in our local hardware store (a really excellent community addition, here in Eldorado, full of useful things - mouse and gopher traps seemed to be occupying pride of place).   Only one could be rescued (lamp, that is, not pesky rodent).  But I looked at the big, heavy base of the other one, and thought ... if one cut off the electric cord, it would serve well as a weight to keep the cloth in place on the outside table. And if one had a little test-tube like container, one could put a flower in it.  And we had saved just such containers from something or the other - maybe an orchid purchase?  In any case, it's a success ...

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