Saturday, June 20, 2015

when worlds collide ...

Here's Agnes Martin, standing on a New Mexican mesa, on a banner fronting St Paul's cathedral - the show itself is in Tate Modern behind, and is magnificent.  I didn't know the very early biomorphic stuff (glad she gave that up); the selection of everything else was extensive and beautifully and simply hung, in a way that completely emphasized the quiet of her work.  The twelve Islands from the Whitney - white on white, hung (as everything was) on white - looked particularly strong (though why was there no seat in this room?  all I wanted to do was sit, and gaze).

Speaking of grids, I'd never previously noticed that the surface of the Millennium Bridge has all kinds of tiny designs inserted into it ...

And also super-worthy of note on the Thames by Blackfriars Station is the Dazzle Ship - designed by Tobias Rehberger, painted in Vorticist style, in the way that Norman Wilkinson figured out, and Edward Wadsworth supervised, during WW1 - not so much camouflage, but designed to confuse anyone looking (well worth while clicking on this image, and seeing it close up ...).

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