Monday, June 15, 2015

wet plate collodion

Today, in Lincoln, a wet plat collodion workshop before the "Rethinking Early Photography" conference that kicks off formally tomorrow morning.  Here's Tanya Sheehan, showing that yes, even in 2015, it's still a good idea to use a head rest when one's having an 8 second exposure (the purist in me was, of course, wondering why we were using studio lights rather than flash, or rather than sunlight, outdoors.  OK, the greyness of Lincoln probably answers that last point).

And here we are, working out how to focus Tanya, upside down.

And here I am, in a rinsing bath.  I realize that wet plate is the most unforgiving medium possible: this image presents me (I may have the courage to show it when its varnish has dried) with every last wrinkle and whisker.  I also can't wait to do some more ...

Oh, and back to digital.  We were promised cygnets.  Here are cygnets.

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