Wednesday, June 10, 2015

tears to my eyes

... genuinely so.  I hadn't previously known about American Airlines' scheme whereby they run a certain number of flights to DC each spring/fall, so that WWII vets can visit the memorial there.  When I first saw these guys - and one woman - I couldn't work out which war they had served in - they were clearly rather old for Vietnam - I wondered about Korea; went and looked, and it was WWII.  Terrible photo, I know - I didn't want to be too intrusive - but it was very moving to think that these people shared something with my own parents.  For all I know, they were kept safe by my mother, working in the Liver Building in Liverpool on whatever there was to be seen on the radar information coming in from the Atlantic.

This is Albuquerque Airport - lots of local top military brass, and firetrucks were lining up on the tarmac to give them a watery salute as they taxied off: at the other end, there would have been a military band.

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