Thursday, June 25, 2015

dubious house repairs

Ah, the wonders of the telephoto lens (succeeding our spying through binoculars).  We strongly suspect that the house next door will soon be on the market: a couple of workmen (operating out of a converted ambulance) have been - well, not re-stuccoing it, but painting over the very patchy stucco this week.  And this afternoon, the oddest bit of repair: they pulled out some vigas above the front door - or the stumps of vigas, or mock vigas (who knows how deep they went, once?) - leaving what was clearly some very rotten wood inside the holes.  And then they filled these in with plaster, and have, by now, painted over them.  We have turned into the worst kind of home repair voyeurs, because there's something quite compelling about scarily bad workmanship.

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