Saturday, September 12, 2015

a big red machine

It's a big red machine! (let's hope it runs - I'm not sure whether I can embed a video - here's trying ...).  So - it's the Labour Party, under Jeremy Corbyn!  I never thought I'd see a Labour Party leader (singing along to Billy Bragg) singing The Red Flag again!  Very inspiring!

... oh, what, you mean this doesn't look like the Labour Party?  OK, then, it's symbolic of a long vanished industrial stronghorse - the steam engine - running powerfully and sleekly in the Science Museum, where I went for a conference on Science and Photography, with some great papers, including artists' talks by Ori Gersht and Sarah Pickering - both of which gave me much mileage in thinking through issues about Flash.  A terrific paper about György Kepes by John Blakinger, from Stanford, too - indeed, just about everything was worth flying here for, even if I wasn't heading onwards to Belgium for more conferencing ...

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