Friday, September 18, 2015

Flanders poppies

Very appropriately, the Museum in Leuven has its own version of ceramic poppies commemorating the fallen of WW1 - in a rainy inner courtyard, seen from inside the galleries.  These galleries have a small, but terrific collection, especially in the early-mid Renaissance, and then in late C19th realism - something that I once, long ago, thought about working on - but then the lure of Germinal, northern France and Belgium wore off, and I went and worked on Italian C19th socialism and realism instead.  Still, the pull of - say - Constantin Meunier's work remains - here's a hand and bit of torso from De puddeler, with an earlier work visible behind.

Outside, the City Hall is an extraordinary building (like a big gingerbread challenge).  Rather strangely, "Sweet Caroline" was blasting out of it this afternoon (maybe a wedding party??).

And then, even the gratings in the streets of Leuven are well worth a look.

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