Thursday, September 24, 2015

bring it on

I've been eyeing the weather forecast, with its promise of rain and then more rain, ever since I was in Belgium.  My last rain boots - my brand new rain boots - were stolen out of my car back in LA, during last winter's season of Mysterious Car Entering.  To be honest, they were very uncomfortable - what was much more galling than their disappearance was the fact that they were stolen in my favorite bag (which, by the time the thief left the scene, probably also contained an electric drill from the garage, the garage door opener from my car, the Larry Sultan LACMA catalogue that had just been Amazoned, and Alice's new check books).  And if this sounds an improbable haul, it would seem, judging by the fact that the check books at least have been Recovered By The Authorities, and one can Google Names, that he was a college student.  

But clearly, new boots were in order.  These are Danish.  Tomorrow, if this steady rain continues, I will start my new life as a duck.

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