Wednesday, September 23, 2015


So here's my office, with a view onto the pine forests (growing on old tobacco plantation land).  I feel that my days at the moment are encompassed by these walls; the inside of the car on the way to and from work; the rented house - with the sociability of lunch in the Center, and, well, that's about it, apart from occasional sorties to the coffee urns.  It's a wonderful, but unfamiliar feeling to have all day, no pressure of deadlines (other than self imposed ones), limitless reading material and images - whether in books or on line - to look at.  I've been so full of dread at letting my leave slip away that I've tied myself ferociously to my own schedule - it's a huge relief to find that I can still sit concentrate, after all.  What, though, it's not at all good for, right now, is looking around me and taking pictures, as opposed to reading about the practices and theories of others...

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