Tuesday, September 1, 2015

rules of the road

So I'm keeping myself entertained on my way between New Mexico and North Carolina.  First, I continue to be fascinated, after all these years, by small town USA (a lot of very decrepit small towns, today), so there are rather few interstate sections of this route.  Second, it's never a good idea, especially when driving solo, to drive and drive and drive without a rest ... So the timer is set on my iPhone to go off every hour ... the rule is to pull over as soon as I see a safe spot, take a photo, and post it ... my whereabouts gets updated every hour:


Yes - I'm well aware of the ironies of calling my instagram account after two kitties who aren't on the back seat, this time, but someone had helped themselves to my real name.  It's a good job I was beta testing the plan, unannounced, today - I'd initially planned always to post the image together with its geo-co-ordinates (and the # was thecoordinatesproject) - but the problem was (apart from the fact that this sounded like a J. Crew cashmere ad) that after about 6 hours I couldn't for the life of me think why co-ordinates might matter.  So now it's rather tweely # thehourlyupdateproject.  Trust me to call something a Project.

It's hard being strict with oneself - not driving on until there's a Good View, or something more remarkable than - well, fields and fences and poles.  But that's the point - a further exercise in ordinariness, and/or typicality, and/or randomness.  My only regret is that I had to keep going at such a lick today that I didn't stop to take other photographs.  Oh - and I press pause if I, say, stop for gas ...

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