Monday, September 21, 2015

an art piece

This piece, installed on the wall of the house that I'm renting in Durham, is driving me mildly crazy.  It's not that I especially dislike it - that would be easier to handle, since I'd take it down.  Actually, maybe I wouldn't, since it looks rather fragile.  But the problem is its trompe d'oeuil effect.  It hangs in the family room - which is where I seem to have set up my working desk, looking out into the leafy yard.  There aren't any curtains or blinds to the French doors, and so it distracts my eye every time I come into the room - I keep thinking it is a curtain, hanging askew, or folded over, and I'm wanting to put it straight, when actually it's a rigid object made of corrugated cardboard.  And because it's 3D - much more 3D than it looks in this photo - there's no chance of casually flinging some concealing drape over it (ignoring, again, the fragility factor), without it looking very strange indeed.

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