Saturday, September 26, 2015


This isn't exactly what I intended to post - I was going to to meditate on how living in a rented house full of someone else's things is like occupying the haphazardness of a yard sale.  But I'll save the planned aper├žus for some other time ... though this will do as a starter.  The house doesn't excel at lighting and illumination (though the perpetual wet dark grey outside may have something to do with that.  I promise you that this was taken in what was technically and officially daylight).  Like most of our dwellings, I suspect, it's very haphazard when it come to employing environmentally sound light bulbs or whatever happens to be around.  This hangs in the stairwell - and it's just struck me that I should probably turn it off except when using it is a strict necessity, because I haven't the remotest idea how I - or anyone else - could ever reach it to replace a bulb when needed.  I'm sure that my eyes being drawn to this is a by-product of reading about C19th illumination for much of the day (in my very well lit NHC office).

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