Wednesday, May 18, 2016

desk mugs

Packing.  I should have taken more photographs before I started to pack, so that I had more of a record of absolutely everyday life in the apartment, but here, at least, are a couple of mugs on my desk.  This is a vestige of a photo project that I once meant to carry out - to take a photo of my desk top every day (but would I choose a home desk, like this, or an office desk, or a library desk, for that matter?).  I've made good progress with the packing, by the simple ruse of telling myself I need to clear out by tomorrow (wrong: Friday).  But apartments are the worst: even if I manage to snag a so-called loading space outside, there's a long corridor, an elevator, another corridor, a set of doors, another corridor, a flight of steps, and another door between me and the car.  If not ... well, a road to cross, a parking garage elevator, and then I should have arrived at a car that will appear to have shrunk in the night.  With all this in mind, I pack things into small bags: better a million journeys to and fro than struggling under Heavy Burdens.

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