Saturday, May 21, 2016


You know those plans?  The ones that involve sending off tidy boxes of notes and books and clothes and saucepans, and then being impeccably organized, and ready to enjoy one's last day in NC, with the car not only neatly packed, but with lots of space for stray things.  Yes, those plans.  The ones that don't begin to answer why I had to make one last emergency trip with LOTS of boxes to FedEx, or why Alice, so far, has been in the passenger seat carrying four orchid plants, or why all the best-possible-plans for a 10 day road trip - from mosquito repellent, to napkins and sharp knifes for picnics to - yes - the road map, and printed out directions for every stretch of the trip - well, they were planned, and they're in the car somewhere, if you'd like to dismantle my mosaic of packed goods.  Please can I roll the clock back a few days, and start again?

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