Friday, May 20, 2016

the best meal in North Carolina?

No, we didn't eat this.  It was a table decoration at Herons Restaurant, at the Umstead Hotel, in Cary (that's near Raleigh-Durham airport ...) - and admiring it presaged an extraordinary meal.  If this had been LA, or New York, or London,we'd have had to wait weeks, no, months for a reservation.  Why the James Beard award this year didn't go to him, I can't imagine.  Probably I should have taken course-by-course pictures, instead of which I was eating as slowly as possible - the kind of food that was not just exquisitely tasty, and pretty, but full of complementary textures ... ok, it cost all eight of our arms and legs, but it was worth it, utterly (and a wonderful respite after a day in which, among other things, the furniture rental people were four hours late turning up in my apartment to take away all their faux-leather and probably faux-wood - a piece of bad timing that nearly, nearly threatened to mess up my collecting Alice at RDU - until I helped them by carrying out the furniture, too ...).

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