Tuesday, May 10, 2016

water tower, continued

Continuing yesterday's themes: yes, the Durham Water Tower - the official one, so to speak, is everywhere.  Exhibit A - a car in my building's carpark.  This iconic tower is, indeed, the Lucky Strike tower on the American Tobacco Campus, erected in the late 1930s.  My hunch is that it was resurrected as part of the ATC revival - when the derelict warehouses were reclaimed and turned into Desirable Lofts (not where I'm living, but the same general let's-make-the-heritage-of-tobacco-and-its -accompanying-red-brick-romanesque-architecture into something approaching a downtown revival ethos).  I suspect, therefore, that it was marketed with this as its emblem when Capitol Broadcasting bought the site in 2001 - but there's curiously little on line information about it.

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