Thursday, May 26, 2016


Yes, that was a deliberate (and bad) pun: today was the one section of the trip back West that more or less replicated my itinerary in the fall, but in reverse ... mostly down the Natchez Trace parkway - hours of slow driving through perfect, green, damp woods.  Here's a section of the original Trace ...

but first, back to Money, to pay homage to the store where Emmett Till, visiting from Chicago, allegedly whistled at a young woman working behind the counter - which led to him being killed by her relatives.  I was shocked to see that the whole of the top part of the facade of the Bryant Grocery has fallen in since last September (see FTBL, Sept. 3rd ...).

On the Trace, we visited the Windsor Ruins,

and the Cypress Swamp - the lack of sun made it particularly gloomy.

In Natchez, the American Queen riverboat rather blocked our view at dinner (this picture was taken walking towards the restaurant).  After the last few days, I have catfish, shrimp and grits coming out of my ears ...

but I fulfilled a lifetime ambition (well, ok, a fifty-something years-old ambition, ever since I read Huckleberry Finn) to see a large riverboat actually moving, propelled by its impressive paddle. 

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