Monday, May 9, 2016

Durham, silhouetted

Water towers are the unofficial emblem of Durham, NC.  Or for all I know, they're the official emblem, but that's as likely to be the horns of a Durham Bull.  However, if you want to buy a Durham t-shirt, or send a Durham postcard, it's very likely to have a water tower on it (that, of course, is because apart from converted tobacco warehouses, and Duke, and gender-segregated bathrooms except in determinedly enlightened businesses, there are precious few distinguishing landmarks). Most water towers, of course, are in a readily identifiable form - cylinders on top of tall spindly legs. But this is the water tower for my building, and is a strange bulbous shape, as though it could be part of a water cooler for a nuclear device, rather than a storage object.  It's what I see, though, if I stick my head out of my window and look leftwards.

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