Sunday, February 19, 2017

Alice's birthday (and the tale of a cake)

Alice's birthday, celebrated in style ... and the hotel, after we were back from a long walk along the beach, were good enough to bring up a cake - a chocolate cake, with confectioner's cream and fruit ... far too rich to eat very much of, so we put half of it in the fridge ... ... and then later in the afternoon, what did we see but a Thieving Monkey, racing along our balcony railing, opening the door in front of the fridge, opening the fridge, and making off - once it had seen us - with a cream covered strawberry.  It's a good job we saw him, or he'd doubtless have stolen the remains of the cake ...
(this may be one of his cousins - there were about six of the marauders, once we looked - last seen heading into a neighboring balcony ...).

This basking iguana - also visible from the balcony - was altogether more tranquil ...

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