Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday at the Getty

The Getty Museum doesn't usually look like this - empty of people (it's a Monday); pavement shining with rain; hills shrouded with clouds; and then spring leaves just starting to appear.  It would have been idyllically tranquil if I hadn't been waiting so long for a book (ah, that elusive search for the almost-final footnote) that I was fretting about not getting somewhere else (which I didn't manage ...) and also if it had been, perhaps, just a little warmer.

I was being interviewed - maybe others reading this have been, too? - for a survey/white paper about how art historians use social media: an hour which must have given my interlocutors the impression that (apart from this blog) I spend my time reading FB for political news or watching cat videos.  I did manage to weave in some stuff about how I use social media in teaching ... but what I hope above all was heard, and what would be wonderful should it emerge from the white paper, is the absence (unless I'm just ignorant) of a site where we can really learn about how people use social media in research and in teaching, and how it intersects with their other usages of social media (or how it conflicts with them, or for all I know how it means that people have separate accounts - and I don't just mean the ones that are out there in the names of certain cats)

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