Monday, February 20, 2017

one last day of rainforest

Today, off to the Rainmaker nature reserve with our (by now familiar, and most excellent) guide Ali - where we saw, among other birds and reptiles and insects and moths and butterflies and waterfalls (and many, many plants) - a lizard that literally hangs out on a branch waiting for prey (it has claws at the back of its heels);

very large leaves;

hanging bridges (they became a lot scarier than this, and we were very glad of an Alternative Route at one point);

a poison-dart tree frog - if I 'd been less excited by this rarity, I might have made a better choice of camera, since this was one for the macro lens - but in turn, this wasn't really a hike that prioritized taking photos (these are Very Venemous);

some beer ads (a pun: Costa Ricans say "pura vida" at every opportunity, and here we have dogs getting into the action;

and, on our drive back, young men gathering in the palm oil nuts using African buffalo to pull their laden carts.

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