Friday, February 17, 2017

costa rican critters

Today, in Manuel Antonio National Park, we met a whole lot of monkeys (these are all Capuchins, as you can see from their little monkish skull caps, but we also saw tiny squirrel monkeys, and Howler Monkeys making noises just like sea lions);

lots of sloths, who are usually upside down, and contorting themselves (very slowly) into very tricky positions;

a yellow-necked toucan;

and rather a fetching iguana (actually, at our hotel).  Plus - not shown here - an agouti (also at the hotel), a coati, a family of raccoons, many tree creepers and a golden-naped woodpecker (wonderful! - only found in tropical CR and in the very northern most bit of Panama), and Halloween Crabs.  

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