Sunday, February 5, 2017

the superbowl

You'll be unsurprised that I didn't purchase any of these buttercream fantasies at Whole Foods in Glendale today, although I did make a mental note not to go to a supermarket in the late morning on Superbowl Sunday next year.

What can I say?  Lady Gaga was spectacular, as were many of the ads (and if you haven't yet watched all of Journey 84's ad you should, now, whatever you're otherwise doing.  The second half of it was banned for SB broadcasting, which is a shocking thing in itself.  Watch it.  Now).  But what happened to the Falcons?  I was hardly invested in this game, except in so much as rooting against the Patriots and Tom Brady, on political grounds, was a must, whoever they were playing.  As for "thrilling games," I prefer ones that don't cause me to choke on my dinner in dismayed disbelief.

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