Friday, June 11, 2021

clearing out drawers

... an annual ritual: clearing out old clothes, trying to match up stray socks, and the rest of it - something that's best done when one takes the drawers completely out.  This leaves room for a Moth, of course: what cat can resist a dark empty space?

This year's ritual was profoundly unsatisfying - it was only a couple of days since I took five bags and a couple of boxes from last year's clean-out to Out of the Closet.  And they were remarkably sniffy about my offerings, I might say, and indeed gave me a whole boxful back - which considering that it contained various things that I had been weighing up whether or not I could bear to part with or not was a little bit of a kick in the teeth.  I guess that my bric à brac (let alone sartorial cast offs) don't quite meet the standards of Atwater Village, whereas when I took some bags of stuff round to the charity store attached to Santa Fe Animal Center a few weeks back, they were full of gratitude - they even wanted the things still in the car that I'd thought of as pretty ratty, and had earmarked for Goodwill.  I suspect that there's been masses and masses of cleaning out of closets and, indeed, drawers during the pandemic, and that the used clothes, used everything market is saturated.  But still - I refuse to throw good stuff in the trash, if I can possibly help it, unless it really is trash ...

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