Thursday, June 24, 2021

on the road again (again)

[guest photographer: Alice Echols - though commissioned by me! - I was driving]. ... somewhere between Kingman and Flagstaff.  

So we've made it to Winslow!  I put my foot down hard; drove at 90 much of the way once I'd taken over the driving somewhere early on I-40 - Alice having got us valiantly to Ontario and out again - so that we got here at 8 p.m. (last dinner orders 8.15 - shame that I sent mine back for being inappropriately cold - and it came out cold, again, so I had to steal A's dinner once I'd returned that).  We are in a rental car - our own has not only got a dead fan for the hybrid battery, but the wires that connect the car's computer system have been Chewed by Rodents.  That ivy clearance a couple of weeks back?  Alice saw a rat scampering up the steps afterwards - so guess where it must have taken up retaliatory residence.  Don't even get me going on the amount of luggage transference involved in our travels today, nor the care that we took in keeping the bewildered Moth as happy and calm as possible. Oh, and then there was the monsoon downpour,, and the forest fires near Flagstaff, and and and ...

But we made it out of LA!  


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